Activities around Changi Cove

The areas around Changi Cove provides guest with opportunities to discover, explore and uncover new experiences.


Teambuilding activities

1. Leisurely Walks at Changi Point Coastal Walk  (i.e. Changi Boardwalk)

Guests can take leisurely morning or evening walks at the Changi Point Coastal Walk. There, guests can enjoy the sea breeze as well as a view of the sea from Singapore’s eastern coastline.



2. Explore Chek Jawa

Chek Jawa wetlands is a nature preservation of rare plants, local and migratory birds and natural creatures such as fiddler crabs and monitor lizards . Guests can choose to either take a guided tour or explore the area independently.



3. Cycle at Pulau Ubin

Known for it’s cycling trails, Pulau Ubin has tracks suitable for both leisure cyclist as well as cycling enthusiasts. Bikes may be rented at the jetty.



4. Trekking at Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin, which houses the last kumpung in Singapore, is one of the few places with untouched greenery. Hikers can expect to see a variety of wildlife and plants that would otherwise not be spotted on the main island.


5. Discover the Past @ Changi Chapel Museum

Changi Chapel Museum preserves a picture of the life of the prisoners of war during the Japanese Occupation. Guests will discover Singapore’s past and the courageous and survival spirit of the defenders of Singapore prior to the Occupation.



6. Enjoy the village ambience at Changi Village

A cluster of food places and stores, Changi Village naturally exudes a laid-back ambience. Guests may revisit nostalgic Changi Village for its local food including its famous Nasi Lemak and local coffee.