Around Changi Cove

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1. Changi Boardwalk

Changi Boardwalk is a promenade linking Changi Ferry Terminal to the Changi Beach Club. Built along the coastline of Changi, Changi Boardwalk was completed in 2003 as part of the Singapore Green Plan. The 2.2km long Boardwalk is divided into six distinct sections. It takes about 45mins to complete the entire walk.


The boardwalk is open 24 hours and admission is free. Comfortable walking shoes are advised. To get there, simply turn left when you exit the main gate of Changi Cove and follow sign post directions.


2. Changi Village

Changi Village is home to a variety of eateries, from welcoming modern cafes to hawker centers serving local delights. You can enjoy a wide variety of cuisines, ranging from tasty Italian spaghetti to local favourites such as Bar Chor Mee and Nasi Lemak. Renowned for being a reputed supper spot, you can also find the famous Mr Teh Tarik and Botak’s Favourites there. Both of these eating-places open till the early hours of the morning.


For a delightful drink or dessert, you could just walk into one of the many cafes and bakeries in the area.  Treat yourself to a cup of aromatic coffee at a café like Chock Full of Beans, or to a delectable slice of chocolate cake at Chocolate origin.


Fishing equipment stores, convenience stores and bicycle rental services are also to be found at Changi Village.


3. Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin (meaning Tile Island) is an island located off the North Eastern shore of Singapore. Pulau Ubin is the last kampong of modern day Singapore.


To get to Pulau Ubin, you can take a $2.50 bumboat ride from the Changi Ferry Terminal. Note that boats will only leave when there are at least 12 passengers. Once on the island, you can either walk or bike around the island. Bicycle rental services are available at the jetty. Bicycle rental for an entire day is approximately $8. Should you be interested to explore the island on foot, you can turn right from the jetty and look for the Information Kiosk where you can obtain maps of the Island.


4. Chek Jawa

The Chek Jawa wetlands are home to one of Singapore’s richest ecosystems. Consisting of mudflats, seagrass beds and mangrove swamps, visitors can expect to see a variety of organisms and animals that cannot be found on mainland Singapore. If you wish to see a wider range of living organisms, it is advised that you visit during the low tide timings. Comfortable walking shoes are a must for visitors.


Opening hours for Chek Jawa are 0830am to 6pm. Upon arriving at the Pulau Ubin jetty, visitors can either rent a bicycle, hire a van or take a 40min walk to reach Chek Jawa.