Board Retreats

Board Retreats @ Changi Cove

With experience in hosting board meetings and retreats, Changi Cove offers themed meeting spaces, a skilled in house kitchen and a team of professional staff.


Consisting of Gateway Conference Centre and MyPlace Hotel, Changi Cove offers a refreshing destination for board retreats, meetings and events. Tucked within 4 hectares of lush greenery, Changi Cove offers a serene environment to rest and recharge from the hustle and bustle.
Since its opening in the last quarter of 2012, Changi Cove has hosted a variety of private events, group retreats, international and regional meetings.
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Meeting Rooms


With state-of-the-art technology and impeccable service, Changi Cove aims to create an exceptional experience for your board retreats. Take your pick from 4 distinctive rooms, each space is individually curated to cater to your different needs.
For the full list of meeting rooms, please click here.


            Meeting Room 3                                                              Meeting Room 4          
Meeting Rooms 3 and 4 is a formal setting with a 2-tiered dark wood built-in furnishing. The setting of the room makes it suitable for board retreats which has teaching components and the tiered seating allows for maximum speaker-participant interaction.
Board Retreats Board Retreats
  Meeting Room 5                                                       Meeting Room 6

Meeting Room 5

Meeting Room 5 is designed to facilitate open discussions and brainstorming.  To encourage creativity and fun, all the walls in meeting room 5 can be written on making it easy for small group discussions and sharing of ideas. Furnished with bean bags, high chairs and walls that can be written on with whiteboard markers or chalk. 

Meeting Room 6

Meeting Room 6 is a semi-formal concept with an in built audiovisual system and writable glass panels all around. With its comfortable seating, meeting room 6 is ideal for retreats which have a mix of presentations and discussion segments. 
For the full list of meeting rooms, please click here.
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Meal Selection

Discover an extensive selection of local to international flavours for your board retreats here at Changi Cove. Food is served fresh from our in house kitchen,  groups can choose from either a set menu or a buffet. A standard meeting package at Changi Cove, comes with a buffet lunch and 2 teabreaks.

To find out more about our meeting packages, please fill up the enquiry form on the right and we will be in touch

Board Retreats Board Retreats


Tea Break
Delight in an afternoon of good conversation in between meetings with our tea break selections. Guests can choose from a list of items which feature savoury snacks, sweet pastries, fruits or a variety of rice and noodles.
Each full day meeting package comes with a morning and an afternoon teabreak.
Sit Down
Set lunch or dinners are also available at Changi Cove. Lovingly put together by our chefs, guests can choose either from a Western or Chinese option  for the set meals.  




A mix of local and international dishes, the buffet menu at Changi Cove serves up starters, mains as well as desserts. Guests can expect a good mix of Asian and Western flavours.
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Find out more about our meeting spaces here at Changi Cove

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About Changi Cove
 Changi Cove consists of the Gateway Conference Centre and MyPlace Hotel. 
Strategically situated in various key business areas of the East, Changi Cove is a 15 mins drive away from Changi Airport, 5 mins drive from Loyang Industrial Park and a 15 mins drive away from the Singapore Expo and Changi Business Park 
Board Retreats 
Gateway Conference Centre 
 Gateway Conference Centre offers pillarless 4000 sqft Auditorium, 8 meeting rooms and an inspiring incubator space.
All meeting rooms come fully equipped with an audiovisual equipment. 
 Board Retreats
MyPlace Hotel 
Featuring 112 modernised rooms to rest and recharge from your day activities on your board retreats. 
Each room is equipped with in-room amenities and signature writable walls for doodling.