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Company Retreats at Changi Cove

Changi Cove is ideal for company retreats and team building getaways. A quiet getaway from city distractions yet accessible, which is conducive to team building and bonding.

Purposefully Designed Meeting Rooms 

Changi Cove hosts a variety of meeting and event spaces suitable for company retreat activities such as group discussions, ice-breakers and team-building activities. Some of the popular meeting spaces for Company Retreats at Changi Cove are:
Company Retreat

Meeting Room 5

Furnished with bean bags, high chairs and walls that can be scribbled on, Meeting Room 5 is ideal for small group breakouts, team bonding and reflection sessions. The informal setting helps to facilitates open discussion among participants during their company retreats.

Company Retreats



This 4000 sq ft unique space allows for big company retreats and team building activities. Participants can freely doodle, write or draw on the walls of the Incubator, a popular feature with organizers of company retreats. The Incubator also comes with a mixture of furnishings such as high chairs, high tables, movable tables and chairs, bean bags, sofa seatings etc.

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Activities for Company Retreats

Company RetreatsCompany Retreats

Organizers of company retreats and team building events can leverage on the many interesting offerings in the surrounding Changi area and islands. These include:

Changi Point Boardwalk
– Just minutes walk away from Changi Cove is the 2.2km Changi Point Boardwalk, ideal for group morning or sunset walks.

Pulau Ubin & Chek Jawa
– Organizers of company retreats often take their group out for excursions and explore the nearby attractions. Just 10 minutes ferry ride away, Pulau Ubin and Chek Jawa offers a variety of activities for groups to explore, interact and bond.

Changi Village
– Just 15 minutes walk or a short bus ride away is Changi Village. A laid back environment, it is a nostalgic weekend destination for Singaporeans.

Accommodation for Company Retreat

Company Retreats

company retreatsCompany Retreats

Comfortable and relaxing, our guest rooms come with special walls which allow guests to write, doodle or draw on the walls. As part of the company retreat, organizers often encourage their participants to write and doodle their thoughts and reflections on the special wall. Each room also comes with a Smart TV, Nespresso and complimentary Wifi.

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