Function rooms at Changi Cove Singapore

Function rooms at Changi Cove Singapore

Here at Changi Cove Singapore, we have a variety of function venues ideal for meetings. Each room is uniquely designed, equipped and furnished to meet the different requirements of organisers. Our function rooms offer facilities suited for various activities including corporate meetings, seminars, functions and team building activities.

Function rooms Function rooms

With the wide choice in venues for functions at Changi Cove Singapore, organisers can pick different types of function rooms best suited for them. The rooms are listed below.


Function rooms for more than 40 pax

Functions with higher number of participants can use Changi Cove’s larger function venues. These venues are suitable for events such as conferences, meetings and celebrations. The rooms include:



This unique 4,000 sq ft function room have a capacity of about 100 pax. It is decorated with unique furniture and writeable walls. Organisers of functions often use this space for breakout sessions as well as for brainstorming.


Function rooms (Incubator)Function rooms (Incubator)



This function venue can serve multiple purposes. It is equipped with a 210-seater retractable theatre and can be accompanied by a portable stage and audio-visual technology. Organisers that prefer a flat seating, the auditorium can be transformed into a banquet seating area or a flat theatre seating. The function room can hold between 200-250 pax.

Function rooms (Auditorium)Function room (auditorium)

Meeting rooms 1,2,7,8

These function rooms are special because of the operable walls. Walls can be moved to merge two meeting rooms into one. They can hold functions of about 40 pax.

Brainstormingfunction rooms


Function rooms for < 40 pax

Changi Cove Singapore also offers a range of smaller venues fitting for  functions with lower capacities. These rooms are uniquely designed and furnished to break away from convention. They are able to hold around 25 to 35 pax. These function rooms include facilities such as:


–       Partition walls to expand meeting spaces

–       Audio-visual technologies

–       Adjustable and movable tables and chairs

–       Built-in furnishing

–       Writeable walls

Function room (meeting room 6)Function (meeting room 4)

For more details on Changi Cove’s function rooms, please click here. To enquire about holding your functions at Changi Cove Singapore or book a function room now, please email or fill in the enquiry form on the right.


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