Seminar rooms in Changi Cove

Seminar rooms for Meetings, Training and Teaching

Creatively designed seminar rooms that allow for maximum participant- speaker engagement. All seminars are supported by our in house kitchen and professional banquet staff.

Here at Changi Cove, we make it a priority to ensure the comfort and conduciveness of every seminar and meeting. Changi Cove offers a variety of seminar rooms and places to suit the different needs of each organiser. Each seminar room is designed, equipped and furnished to provide a variety in size and type. Our seminar rooms offer facilities suited for various activities including:


–       Meetings

–       Seminars

–       Conferences

–       Board and department meetings

Seminar rooms Seminar rooms

With the variety of choices, organizers can pick different types of seminar rooms best suited for them. The rooms are listed below.


Two-tiered Seminar Rooms

Some of the seminar rooms in Changi Cove are two-tiered, making it easy for organisational purposes. These seminar rooms are conducive for department meetings, teaching and trainings.


Meeting Room 3

Meeting room 3 comes with in-built furnishings and a projection system. It is a seminar room designed for formal meetings and is suitable for senior management meetings and seminars.

Seminar rooms (meeting room 4)

Meeting Room 4

One of the most formal seminar rooms in Changi Cove, Meeting Room 4 provides a suitable environment for board meetings and secretariat meetings. CEO chairs, audio-visual equipment and writable walls also accompany this seminar room to improve its conduciveness.

Seminar rooms (meeting room 4)


Meeting room 5

Furnished with beanbags, high chairs and walls that can be scribbled on, Meeting room 5 is ideal for more informal and casual seminars. The seminar room is often popular among guests due to the beanbags and the configurability of the room.

 Seminar rooms (meeting room 5)


Meeting room 6

This seminar room comes with in-built furnishings and audio-visual equipment. Designed with a semi-formal concept, Meeting Room 6 is popular with groups holding executive and middle management meetings or seminars.

Seminar rooms (meeting room 4) Seminar rooms (meeting room 6)

Flat seminar rooms

Changi Cove also offers a variety of flat eminar rooms accommodating varying capacities.


Meeting rooms 1,2,7,8

Seminars taking place in Meeting Rooms 1,2,7, and 8 can have the flexibility of combining seminar rooms to better suit group sizes. With the help of partition walls, the seminar rooms can be merged.

Seminar rooms (meeting rooms 1,2,7,8) Seminar rooms (meeting room 1,2,7,8)

Other seminar rooms


One of our most popular seminar rooms in Changi Cove, this 4000 sq ft unique space allows for big group meetings, seminars and team building activities. The Incubator facilities group meetings and discussions, seminars and brainstorming. With the writable walls, users can freely doodle, write or draw on the walls of the Incubator. This seminar room also comes with a mixture of furnishings such as movable tables and chairs, high chairs and tables, beanbags, sofa seats and more. It provides a venue suitable for both casual and formal meetings depending on seminar type.

Seminar rooms (incubator) Seminar rooms (Incubator)


The Auditorium provides a seminar room large enough to cater over 200 guests. It has a retractable theatre with a seating capacity of 210 people and is fully equipped with audio-visual systems and a portable stage. It is suitable for holding conferences, seminars, trainings and talks. The state-of-the-art retractable theatre seats allow the auditorium to be converted into a 4000 sq ft open space, permitting other setups such as cluster seating and banquets.

Seminar rooms (auditorium)Seminar rooms (auditorium)

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